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He has no common sense, yet he always wins, isn't that ironic! He's an idiot pure and simple, but on some occasions he's proved otherwise, too bad  nobody was there.I bet if he didn't blast something, he would go insane.
Megaman's only brother, he even wonders why. He hates a lot of things especially the Author(me!). Like MM, he likes to battle and would resolve a conflict with violence than words.He has way more common sense than MM and that's saying a lot.
He's the only one as stupid as Megaman, and he's also freaked out by Dr.Light's attraction to him.
You have to understand that Bass and I share the same body, but not the same opinions, except that we are both freaked out by Dr.light
Who would believe that a man that created  several different robots, can have such a perverted psyche?
As it seems, Roll has a "unique" sense of humor. We all  know that whole "good girl"  persona is just a facade, inside she has real grrrl power! (hee hee. I know another pun...)
The brain-dead villan. Like MM, he has little common sense, but he knows when someone can be annoying. Now deceased, what will happen to Percy and the others?
A G.E.O. with dreams of world domination. Recently found by Jules, he will maybe come back to reign over this comic...
He is annoying personafied! He lives to see people squirm, hear the angry growl coming from their mouths. His origins are very mysterious (oooh! foreshadowing...)
What comic would be complete without Dr.Wily, what can I say he nevers dies in my heart, litterally, he never dies.
ABM11.gif (2182 bytes) Hyacinthe/ Zero
Recent UF character that just happens to come from an alternate dimension.
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